New Dental Lift Chair for People Who Use Wheelchairs at Harbor Community Health Center-Hyannis



HYANNIS–Proper dental care can be a challenge for people who use wheelchairs. Many patients feel vulnerable when removed from their wheelchairs, and transfer to a dental chair can be daunting for both patients and dental providers. Remaining seated in a wheelchair doesn’t allow for the reclined angle or stability necessary for many dental procedures.

All this was a big concern for dentist at Harbor Health Services who treated patients in wheelchairs, especially during oral surgery and other complex procedures. “It’s really best for a patient to be at a 180 degree angle for many procedures,” explains Dr. Danisel Gil. Often, he adds, even patients who are able to transfer to the standard dental chair do not have the muscle control necessary to maintain the proper position, resulting in a precarious and distressing situation.

Harbor Community Health Center-Hyannis is delighted to announce that many of those concerns are able to be addressed thanks to a new wheelchair tilt available at the organization’s Attuck’s Lane dental offices. Custom made, the tilt is a lift which permits the patient to remain seated, reclining both the patient and the wheelchair and allowing the dental provider to adjust the degree of tilt during treatment. The lift is safe and comfortable, and it allows patients to be receive the services they need. Also of primary importance is that it allows Harbor Health Services dental providers to maintain patients’ dignity while receiving services.

Patients and others who would like to learn more or to schedule an appointment may contact Harbor Health Services at 508 778-5440.


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