MassHealth Renewal Letters 2016

MassHealth Harbor Health

Are you enrolled in MassHealth and ready for 2016?

MassHealth members must respond to their renewal letters by the date listed on the letter. If you miss the deadline to reapply, your coverage will end. It’s a good idea to keep and file all mail from MassHealth for your record . There are multiple options for renewal and assistance to do so:

-Online (

-Phone (MassHealth: 1-800-841-2900)

-In Person Assistance (visit a health center or email us at for more details)


Those newly eligible for Connector Care plans have access to Health Safety Net for up to 90 days after the submission of their application. During this time members are encouraged to select and enroll in a Connector Care Plan. After 90 days Health Safety Net may be used for HSN eligible dental services only. Don’t drop the ball on this final step. Select and Enroll in a Connector Plan to prevent a gap in insurance. Assisters can help with this process. Please email us at for more information.

MassHealth will be using the Department of Revenue’s Quarterly Wage Data report to determine those who may have found employment during the last year. Those who claimed that they had no income and/or projected $0.00 for their annual income will be asked to provide proof of income if the department of revenue finds new information. (Sample Letter) Please contact us at if you received one of these letters. We will be able to help in regards to providing the information MassHealth is looking for.


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