Life Qualifying Events and What It Means for You:

BCBS Infographic
With the implementation of Health Care Reform- there is help for you and your family. If you’ve experienced any life changing event you should  consult with us- your local Enrollment Assister at Harbor Health Services, Inc. We have Certified Applications Counselors (CACs) at the following locations:

• Geiger Gibson Community Health Center
• Harbor Community Health Center-Hyannis
• Harbor Community Health Center- Plymouth
• Neponset Health Center

A life qualifying event would be any of the following:

• Loss of job (or change in hourly wages or a loss in the amount of hours normally worked during pay period)
• Used all your Cobra continuation coverage
• Were enrolled in health insurance through your employer but it does not meet the minimum value requirements
• Addition to the family with adoption or the birth of a new child. This includes marriage, legal separation, divorce, or if you and/or a family member are no longer a dependent.
• Loss of coverage due to a death of the primary insurance holder
• You are now eligible for Medicare
• You permanently moved to Massachusetts
• Your immigration status changed to being a lawfully present individual, national or US Citizen

You have 60 days to report any of the above changes. Contact us at of you have any question. A Certified Application Counselor will help you enroll and the best part is that you don’t have to wait for open enrollment to apply for you or your family. Just remember; you have 60 days to report these changes. Once the changes are reported; this will honor what is called a Special Enrollment Period; again- open enrollment does not apply to anyone that falls under a life qualifying event.
This month’s frequently asked questions (FAQ’s):
Q: I’m receiving SNAP benefits but my Mass Health was terminated. What should I do?
A: Schedule an appointment with an Enrollment Assistor ASAP. We will submit all necessary documents to get you re-enrolled.

Q: I have Health Safety Net. It’s free care; why should I enroll in a health plan?
A: Health Safety Net is not health insurance. It’s simply free care in which you can only use these benefits at a Health Center or an Acute Hospital. Opting into a health plan will optimize your coverage area for health care and prescriptions; and you will not be penalized by the government for NOT having health insurance.

Q: What is the difference between Mass Health, Connector Care Plans and Health Connector Plans?
A: Mass Health will cover an individual who has an annual income of $15,660 (please contact us at if you have a family or are pregnant. The income guidelines may vary for individuals and families)

A Connector Plan is given to an individual who has an income greater than $15,660. You might qualify for an Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC). An Advanced Premium Tax Credit is a credit you will receive monthly. It will help to lower your monthly premium costs. There are income limits for this type of qualificationIn addition to receiving this you must agree to file your federal tax return for the year you receive the APTC. Please contact us for more details at as every case is different as to who will qualify for this type of credit.


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