National HIV Testing Day

By: Evan Woodford
Community HealthCorps Member
Harbor Health Services, Inc.

National HIV Testing Day (NHTD) is part of a campaign that encourages people to get the proper facts, get themselves tested for HIV, and join in the fight to spread awareness. Held annually on June 27th, NHTD aims to overcome some of the greatest obstacles involving testing by helping people to understand their need to get tested, even if they do not believe they are at any particular risk themselves. Connecting more people to testing services will help to reduce much of the stigma by helping it to become a more acceptable and normal practice.

NHTD focuses on connecting people with opportunities to become involved, especially through social media campaigns. There are a large number of campaigns dedicated to connecting many different target audiences to testing services and care. For example, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention “Act Against AIDS” initiative includes 12 different campaigns involving groups from Hispanic gay and bisexual men, to health care providers, to African American women, to name only a few.

Harbor Health Services offers many ways for you to get tested and know your status. Rapid HIV tests are offered from 3pm-7pm on Tuesdays at the Geiger Gibson Community Health Center and Wednesdays at the Neponset Health Center. At Harbor Community Health Center- Hyannis you can get tested Tuesdays from 10am-7pm. These tests all deliver your results in 20 minutes! Additionally, you can always talk to your provider about getting tested.

Interested in learning more information about how you can spread the word about HIV? Check out the links below!


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