Meet Freda Nolan, The Woman Behind Neponset Health Center


In this picture, Freda is behind NHC staff

By: Michael Buttimer, Communications Specialist
Harbor Health Services, Inc.

Considered the “Backbone of Neponset Health Center”, Freda Nolan has long provided support to NHC staff, patients and anyone looking to raid her candy dish. Freda shares her opinion on bosses, movies and beards:

How long have you worked at Neponset Health Center?
From 1974-1976, on the Board of Directors.
Employed at NHC from 1976-Present; 37 years.

What was your position when you started? What is your position now?
Greeting patients, booking appointments, and phones. Filing medical records and doing mail.
Now, I do the mail, fix bad addresses and phone numbers of patients and anything they give me.

How has Neponset Health Center changed over the years?
Too many people trying to be the big boss when there is really only one big boss-Dan Driscoll.

What’s your favorite part about working at NHC?
The employees and the patients.

What do you do in your free time?
Going to the plaza and seeing my grand children and their parents.

What were you for Halloween?
Didn’t need to change, witch enough.

What is your favorite movie?
Have not been to a movie in 20 or so years.

The Red Sox grew beards for the World Series. Who has the best beard at Harbor Health Services, Inc.?
Mike Buttimer. Very neat and not too long.

That just made my day.


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