Harbor Health’s Auto Queen

Emelys and her daughter, Arianni, with their custom 2003 Honda Odyssey

Did you go to the 39th Annual Town Fair Tire World of Wheels this past weekend? If you did, you may have noticed a 2003 Honda Odyssey minivan with suicide doors, strobe lights, custom interior and…a custom child car seat? This spectacle of modern auto-customization belongs to none other than Emelys Rivera, Senior Patient Access Representative at Geiger Gibson Community Health Center!

Born and raised in Columbia Point, Emelys grew up going to Geiger Gibson Community Health Center (GGCHC) for check-ups with Dr. Paul Gustafson and Nurse Maureen Dillon. In 2004, she started working as a switchboard operator at GGCHC and then became a Patient Access Representative (PAR). As a PAR, Emelys has helped countless patients navigate the often confusing world of health care by walking them through registrations, connecting them to the appropriate service, and making sure follow-up visits were in order, all with a smile on her face. This month, Emelys’s years of hard work and leadership paid off when she was promoted to Senior Patient Access Representative.


Fresh off her new promotion, Emelys and her family rolled into World of Wheels with undeniable swagger– it also doesn’t hurt that her Honda Odyssey has already won around 100 trophies in competition. As the Female President of Unique Creations Auto Club, Emelys sets the tone for how tricked out a member’s car should be. In the 5 years that she has owned the car, nothing seems to have been left untouched. Some of the most notable modifications include: hydraulics, snake skin interior (child seat included), suicide doors, strobe lights, rims, 21 televisions (yes, 21!), a bumpin’ system, and a silver marble paint job. Right next to the car stood a few of her past trophies; one as tall as the vehicle.

If you’re ever at Geiger Gibson and see Emelys, say hello and be sure to congratulate her on both her new promotion and her two newest trophies from World of Wheels 2013 for “Best Interior” and “Best Import”!


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