Meet the Executive Director of Our Cape Locations!

Nancy loves kayaking but can you guess her favorite Cape Cod activity?

I had the chance to chat with Nancy Bucken, Executive Director of Harbor Community Health Center-Hyannis and the Ellen Jones Community Dental Center. With a new role within Harbor Health Services, Inc. and an upcoming expansion at Harbor Community Health Center-Hyannis, a lot is in the works for Ms. Bucken.

So Nancy, where are you originally from?

Born and raised in South Weymouth until 12 years old. From 12 until high school Hingham and then after college, Boston.

Where did you go to college?

Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. Then, I got my Masters at Lesley College in Boston.

Where do you live now?

Cape Cod.

Are you happy about that because you were previously commuting to Geiger Gibson Community Health Center?

I miss Boston and the health centers…

But do you miss the commute?


I do not like Route 3. Did you take Route 3 commuting to Boston?

No, I took 495 and 24.

How long have you been with Harbor Health Services, Inc.?

Five years and a week.

And a week?

Yep, 5 years and a week, the same time we went live with EMR (Electronic Medical Records).

What positions have you held at HHSI?

Executive Director of Neponset Health Center for 4 years and for the past year, I was Executive Director of Neponset Health Center  and Geiger Gibson Community Health Center.

So what are your goals for the Harbor Community Health Center- Hyannis expansion?

We’re going to almost double our capacity. Dental is going from 6 to 10 rooms, medical is going from 7 to 16 rooms, plus, 3 swing rooms that will be set up at dental or medical. We’re looking to bring some specialty services down here like podiatry, optometry and behavioral health services.

Why should someone choose a Harbor Health Services, Inc. location as opposed to another health center?

On the Cape, it’s a little bit different than Boston.  From what I’ve gathered, patients go to health centers that are in their territory. The health centers at this point aren’t competing for business. I think people choose to come here because of the staff. We have a large Brazilian population and we have a large Brazilian staff so it feels like a true medical home. It’s convenient. We get a lot of people from other health centers who come here because of our Portuguese speaking staff members.

What are you most proud of in your professional career?

When a few of the staff in my life have moved on to higher education. I think the most gratifying thing for me is the growth in staff, mentoring them and their development.

What are you most proud of in your personal life?

(Laughing ) That’s a tough one.  Dealing with life; I’ve had my unfair share of tragedies and it makes you a stronger person.

Do you have any pets?


No pets?!

How can I have any pets when I’m never home! It’s not fair to the pet. I’ve wanted a dog all my life..

What kind of dog?

It changes from month to month: from a big dog to a little dog.

What’s your favorite activity to do on the Cape?


Is that year round or just a summer thing?

It’s year round and when I say hike I mean exploring trails, we’re not climbing any mountains.

I was going to say are you climbing some mountain I don’t know about in Hyannis…

Kayaking is a close second but that is not a year round sport.


That is a warm weather activity; I’m a total wimp!


If you would like to learn more about Harbor Community Health Center-Hyannis or the Ellen Jones Community Dental Center, please visit us at


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