It’s Just a Cleaning…

omar 2By: Dr. Omar Ghoneim, D.D.S.
Corporate Dental Director, HHSI

How often should you get your teeth cleaned? The answer may surprise you. Several factors need to be considered when determining not only the frequency of your dental cleanings but the extent to which it is done.

In order to get an answer, it is imperative that a thorough and comprehensive examination is done of the periodontium, the surrounding gingival and boney tissues supporting the teeth. Dental radiographs and a charting of the supporting gum pockets of the teeth is essential in determining your periodontal health.

It is estimated that nearly 75% of all adults have periodontal disease to some extent. Periodontal disease is the destruction and irreversible loss of the surrounding gum and bone support to the teeth. Unlike other disease processes, periodontal disease is typically painless and without symptoms until the destruction is too great. There is a genetic, hereditary component to periodontal disease as well, meaning that if a direct family member has experienced it, you are likely to as well. Like other diseases, the condition may wax and whane. In addition, there is no cure for periodontal disease. The goal is to manage the disease through routine follow up visits and intervene as necessary.

Following a diagnosis and an assessment of your periodontal health needs, your dental professionals will customize a treatment regiment for you. A component to this is your home care and an appreciation of what is ideal for you in improving and maintaining your periodontal health. This will provide the answer as to how frequently you should get your teeth cleaned. It is not just a cleaning….


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