Senator Keenan and Representative Cusack Visit Neponset Health Center


(Pictured) State Senator John F. Keenan and Kevin Casey, Executive Director of Neponset Health Center.

State Senator John F. Keenan and State Representative Mark J. Cusack visited Neponset Health Center on Friday to learn about how our Clinical Pharmacists are changing the way patients receive specialized care.

Lead by Dr. Jenny A. Van Amburgh, Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services and Residency Program Director at Harbor Health Services, Inc., a small group made up of Senator Keenan, Representative Cusack, Keenan’s Legislation and Policy Director Alejandro Alves along with their staff and Harbor Health Services, Inc. (HHSI) staff toured Neponset Health Center and learned about what clinical pharmacists and pharmacy student interns do on a daily basis. Also joining the group was Dr. Anita Young, Director of Continuing Pharmacy Education at Northeastern University. HHSI and Northeastern University have a partnership that provides pharmacy students with experience opportunities in the health center.

keenan group

Clockwise from left: Kevin Casey, Executive Director of NHC, Dr. Michael Conley, Representative Cusack, Dr. Jenny A. Van Amburgh, Senator Keenan, Alejandro Alves, Legislation and Policy Director touring Neponset Health Center

Dr. Michael Conley, Clinical Pharmacist at Neponset Health Center, explained how clinical pharmacy has become an integral part of comprehensive healthcare models like the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH). The PCMH is a team-based approach to healthcare that our community health centers utilize. A patient is assigned to a “care team” that includes their primary care provider, medical specialists, behavioral health providers and clinical pharmacist. The team works together to create a health plan that is unique to each individual. If a patient has an issue high blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol, they can meet with their Clinical Pharmacist to assess their situation and create a plan of treatment that will be fulfilled on all fronts.

With more a more prominent role in a patient’s well-being, it is the hope that elected officials will support legislation that will allow pharmacists to be recognized as health care providers and allow licensed pharmacy student interns to provide immunizations under the direction of a licensed pharmacist.


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