Before Neponset Health Center…


The Dorchester Book. Illustrated. Boston, 1899. Via:

Ever wonder about the history of Dorchester? Home to some of America’s first institutions-First Town Meeting, First Chocolate Mill, First Community Health Center- Dorchester is rich with heritage and importance. This curiousity lead me to investigate the site where Neponset Health Center stands today.


Excerpt from The Dorchester Atheneum:

“In 1886 a new schoolhouse was built on Neponset Avenue for the Minot School,
which had formerly occupied a building on Walnut Street. The name had been
chosen to perpetuate the memory of the Minot family. This newer school was
located on Neponset Avenue where the Neponset Health Center is now, across from
the entrance to Minot Street. The schoolhouse had separate entrances for boys
and girls. It was demolished about 1973.

The building was designed by Arthur Vinal.”

If you have any memories of the Minot School or ealry days of Neponset Health Center, we would love to hear your stories in the comment section!



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