Meet the New Executive Director of Neponset Health Center and Geiger Gibson Community Health Center

Kevin Casey, Executive Director of Neponset Health Center & Geiger Gibson Health Center

Kevin Casey, Executive Director of Neponset Health Center & Geiger Gibson Health Center


I recently got a chance to sit down with Kevin Casey and talk about his position within Harbor Health Services, Inc., a role that was previously held by Nancy Bucken, who is now Executive Director of Harbor Community Health Center-Hyannis and Ellen Jones Community Dental Center.

So Kevin, where are you originally from?
I was born and raised in South Boston, not too far from here.

Where were you employed before Harbor Health Services, Inc.?
Before I came here, I worked at the former Boston City Hospital, Boston Medical Center, and I was there for 26 years.

What are your goals for Neponset Health Center (NHC) and Geiger Gibson Community Health Center(GGCHC)?
I’m learning new things every day at my job. First and foremost, one of my goals, even before coming here, was looking to keep Geiger Gibson open. Dan (Driscoll, CEO and President) and Paulette (Shaw-Querner, Vice President & Corporate Vice President of Community Health Centers) and the Board of Directors made the decision to keep it open and to try and make it work and that’s something that I’m really focused on. In terms of Neponset, there are always challenges with reimbursement and the patient volume is decent but it has flattened out over the past few years. Trying to keep NHC and GGCHC going are the major goals. But also to get to know people here and learn what they do, who they are and build relationships so that we can be successful.

Why should a patient choose to use a Harbor Health Services, Inc. location to as opposed to other health centers?
What I’ve found in my short time here and even during the interview process, is that Harbor Health Services is a very mission driven organization and there are a lot of services that we don’t get paid for. Last week I had a meeting with Dan Driscoll and we agree those services are important. The community services, social work services, interpreter services, domestic violence services aren’t reimbursed by anybody but they are very important to the fabric of the community, in that it goes hand-i- hand with keeping people healthy. If they have a lot of social problems, it affects their physical and mental well-being. It’s all part and parcel, so we have to do a good job to keep people healthy in mind, body and spirit.

What are you most proud of in your professional career?
Learning a lot about healthcare administration working at a safety net hospital for 26 years and then coming here is very similar- it’s very mission driven. I think just working and serving people. Trying to do the right thing every day and helping those people who are most vulnerable and have the least and being able to make a difference in their lives and hopefully make their day and life better.

What are you most proud of in your personal life?
Trying to be a good dad. I have 4 children, from ages 16-23. I’ve coached hockey; I’ve coached all their sports and watched them grow into young ladies and a young man. And trying to be a good husband and a good dad and be a provider to them and show them and instill in them the values of hard work, getting educated and doing the right thing for people.

Do you have any pets?
We do, we have a dog at home named Gordie.

What kind of a dog is he?
He’s a mongrel; he’s a mix of a black lab, collie, probably has some pit bull in him, and we named him after Gordie Howe; we have a hockey family.

That was my next question, what is your favorite sport, is it safe to say it’s hockey?
Yes, my favorite sport is hockey. I played a little bit of hockey back in the day (but not very well, not very competitively) two of my daughters played high school hockey and my son currently plays high school hockey and I actually do the play- by-play for the local cable company for the high school hockey games and Braintree. I keep saying I hope NESN or ESPN will call.

So I hope you’re a Bruins fan…
Absolutely, I want to get this strike over with!

Favorite Bruins player?
Number 4, Bobby Orr. Who else?

What is the main item on your Christmas wish list?
Geez my wife keeps asking me that…

She actually put me up to this.
You know I was thinking about a new watch. Nothing expensive, not a Rolex…

You know your significant other isn’t supposed to buy you a watch; I heard it’s bad luck.
Well, what I did is, I actually bought one and told my wife she could wrap it up.

Well that works!
Final question: Who is your hero?

I’d have to say my dad. I learned a lot from him, in terms of treating people, he was sort of easygoing and laidback and he was a hard worker. Growing up he was somebody who was a good role model for me, so I’d have to say my pop-my dad.


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