The Worst Gift


Equally terrible gift: Chia Pets.

During this season of giving, there is one thing that I hope you do not get — the flu.

This past week marked National Influenza Vaccination Week and according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the flu season has come arrived early this year and has come in with a bang. In fact the number of states now reporting widespread flu activity doubled to eight in the past week, according to the CDC. While Massachusetts is not one of the states with prevalent flu activity, Rhode Island was recently added to the list which means other New England states might not be far behind.

The vaccine prepared for this winter’s flu season appears to be a good match for fighting the strains of flu that are now circulating. That’s means that if you haven’t gotten your flu shot yet now is the time to do it! It takes two weeks for the flu vaccine to become fully effective so don’t wait give yourself, friends, family and colleagues the gift of peace of mind that you are protected from getting or spreading the flu.
All Harbor Health Services, Inc. locations offer flu shots. Click here to find a health center and learn more.

Best wishes for a happy and health holiday season.

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Daniel Driscoll
President & CEO
Harbor Health Services, Inc.

PS – Even if you have received your shot, it is important to remember that regular hand washing is still one of the best ways to help prevent illness.


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