Countdown to Election Day

September 2012 

Harbor Health Participates in the First Ever,

National Voter Registration Day!

On Tuesday September 25th, all of the  Harbor Health Services Inc. locations took part in a history making, first of its kind, nationwide effort to help register some of the millions of eligible voters in the US who are not yet registered.

During the 2008 presidential election the state of Massachusetts had the highest voter turnout rate in the history of the state.  Even with that impressive showing over 1.25 million eligible Massachusetts residents did not vote. That is why for the 2012 election Harbor has partnered with Mass Vote, The Mass League of Community Health Centers, The National Association of Community Health Centers and the League of Women Voters-  Cape Cod to ensure that our patients and staff get ready in September to make their voices heard in November.

To date in 2012 Harbor has worked to collect voter registrations and absentee ballot applications for over 115 of our patients.  Click here to see the results and the number of registrations that were completed around the country as part of National Voter Registration Day.

All Harbor Health Services, Inc. locations will continue to register voters until the October 17th deadline.  After the deadline the focus will shift to our get out the vote (GOTV) efforts of helping voters identify their polling location and making sure they are educated about the three statewide ballot questions.


Kathryn M. Audette, MSW

Senior Policy Analyst


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